Spend a little time…

Save a Lot of Money

The Process



Create profiles for your electric, natural gas, and water appliances – with your utility rates (fixed or tiered) or use your state’s average rates.



Look at your consumption in a new light. Identify ways to cut your utility bills by identifying the most consuming appliances & activities.



Save time and money by eliminating phantom loads, reducing wasteful consumption, and decreasing wear & tear on your appliances.


EnergySaver saves you money because it lets you easily identify and eliminate the times that energy is wasted. You can quickly identify which appliances are energy hogs. You can save up to 10% just on your electric bills by identifying and eliminating phantom loads.*


Covers Major Household Utilities

EnergySaver covers usage and rates for electricity, natural gas and water all in one app. This one app will show you how much time and energy each of your appliances uses and how much money you spend on that.

Create Multiple Profiles

Want to know how your energy use changes during the year? Create a profile for each season. Want to help family and friends cut their utility bills? Create profiles for them. Thinking of adding or replacing appliances and want to see the potential impact? Create a profile for different scenarios.

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